How hard is the  Paperwork for a  Pistol Permit, and is there an additional cost for help in filling it out? 

The paperwork associated with getting your Pistol Permit is all filled out the day of your class ( Except your References).  This way, there is no stress or anxiety associated with the process and no doubts to if it is filled out correctly or not.  There is no additional cost, because we want you to feel confident that once you turn in your paperwork to the Pistol Permit Department that everything will go smoothly.

Do I have to take a pistol permit course in order to own a handgun in Erie & Niagara Counties?

Yes, in order for you to get a handgun in NYS you must take the mandatory 16 hour Handgun Safety Course ( also called the Pistol Permit Course) if you reside in the Counties of Erie, Niagara, Genesee and Orleans.


Do I need to buy a pistol before I take the course? 

No, you can not legally touch or own a handgun in NYS unless you have a pistol permit.




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