This course has been designed by our Team of Professional Instructors to help the student gain Confidence and Accuracy in their shooting.  There are many problems that plague shooters from being able to shoot accurately, we have taken all these weaknesses and applied our time-tested techniques to them so that you become a better shooter.  

Our goal is to give you a minimum 25% improvement in this 1 Hour Course.  The only way to get better at shooting is to shoot, that is why this Shooter Improvement Course is 90% Hands on Training.  We will focus our attention on some of the following problems: 

·       Hold Control Errors

·       Proper Sight Alignment

·       Body Position

·       Natural Sight Line

·       Trigger Control Issues

·       Flinching

·       And much more .....

After you take this Course, we GUARANTEE that you will be shooting at a minimum 25% better than when you arrived.  If not... the Course is on US!

Student must possess a valid NYS Pistol Permit

Student responsible for Ammo Cost. (Lead & Coated Ammo. No Jacketed ammo allowed)

Course Cost: $75.00.

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