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 Our 16-hour pistol course ( with 2 hour live fire training) satisfies the requirement for the Handgun Safety Course for  Erie, Niagara, Livingston, Monroe, Wayne, Wyoming and Orleans Counties in New York It is based on the NRA's Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting which we expand on to give you relevant and real-life scenarios that can happen as a firearms owner.  The material covered includes the following:  Basic Firearm Safety, Range Safety, Safe Storage, Safe Firearm usage, ammunition malfunctions, Pistol Mechanisms for Revolvers and Semi-Automatic Pistols, Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting, various Shooting Positions and how to hold positions, Concealed Holster recommendations, Draw and Hold positions  Pistol Maintenance (performed in class). , Situational Awareness, Conflict de-escalation techniques(verbal and non-verbal), Conflict Management, Use of force, State and Federal Laws, NYS Article 35 laws pertaining to firearm usage, Suicide Prevention, Adverse effects of Alcohol New list of Sensitive places where guns cannot be carried and so much more!  We use lots of training aids to give you a well-rounded understanding of the course material presented.  All firearms will be provided by us with ammunition, hearing and eye protection. Every NYS Pistol Permit Course comes with a Free Multi-State Permit course ($125.00 Value) This all adds up to making you prepared for your new venture into Pistol Shooting. 

We complete every part of the Application process during the course so there are no mistakes or stress over any part of the process. This One-Stop Shopping approach simplifies the whole process and keeps customers choosing us First consistently.



What’s included:

·       All program material

·       free eye and hearing protection for you to keep!

·       Entry into our monthly gun giveaway contest!

·       Free MULTI-STATE Course that allows you to carry in. 36 states!

·       Application for Erie and Niagara Counties with assistance filling out the application in class, (We only provide the Erie & Niagara County Applications. Help is provided for all other counties).

·       Photos taken in class and given to you that day

·        Live Fire Training (Guns & Ammo Provided)

·       All Photo's

·       Certificate of Completion

Student Requirements

·       Photo I.D. (NYS Driver’s License)

·       Black Pen

·       Notepad

·       Drink/Snack

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