The House Party Course has become one of our more popular formats for giving the Multi-State Pistol Permit Course. The professional Staff of Pistol Permit Courses of WNY brings its first-rate training right to your house. It’s a great way to get like-minded friends and relatives together for a fun filled time in the comfort of your own home. On parties of 10 or more, the host receives their course for Free.

We complete every part of the Application process during the course so there are no mistakes or stress over any part of the process*. This One Stop Shopping approach simplifies the whole process and keeps customers choosing us First consistently. 




What’s included:

·       All program materials

·       Application for Arizona, Florida & Utah with assistance filling out the application in class.

·       Photo's

·       Certificate of Completion 

Cost: $125.00


For events of 10 or more participants the organizer gets their class for FREE!

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If you have a question about any part of the Pistol Permit process, please feel free to contact us: