Pistol Safety Course in Buffalo, ny

In Erie, Orleans, and Niagara counties, you must take training classes before applying for a pistol permit. Fortunately, Pistol Permit Courses of Western NY is a one-stop shop for everything firearms, including pistol safety courses. 

You are in Safe Hands

Some of our trainers have backgrounds in the discipline and correctional departments, including the US marines, while others are current policers. Therefore, you are guaranteed to receive nothing short of accurate information and training. Some of the content covered during the course include:

  • Basic firearm safety
  • Safe firearm usage
  • Ammunition malfunctions
  • Basics of pistol shooting
  • Situational awareness
  • Pistol maintenance
  • Shooting positions
  • Draw and hold positions
  • Conflict management and de-escalation techniques
  • State and federal laws
  • Gun suicide prevention

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